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Squatting and Sitting Posture



How Evolution Affected our Colon Health?

Since ages, we, humans use to poop in squatting posture. With the change in all the aspects of our life we got a new style to poop as well. Our modern toilets are fitted with western commodes. Because we all need clean, attractive, and hygienic washrooms and we want our comfort while pooping. Though most of us feel that somewhere it has affected our colon health but we simply can not go back to squatting leaving behind the comfort and cleanliness of western commode.

Through the ages, Stone, Bronze, Iron, and Modern, we have seen certain changes in human nature, behavior, and lifestyle. We have witnessed many revolutionary innovations. But as everything has a flip side, using western commode too has its other side. That is, a rise in problems related to evacuation or bowel syndromes.Day by day, we are losing our health. And it is all due to sitting on a western commode in place of defecating in squatting posture.

Health Issues Due To Wrong Way Of Pooping

One can encounter number of problems just because of not using proper posture for pooping. We never give it a thought that how much our health is connected to the proper and natural way to poop. The natural and proper colon cleanse is necessary so that we can live a healthy life. The waste which is blocked at colon should be cleared in time otherwise we will suffer from diseases like:

  • Pelvic floor concerns
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Constipation
  • Piles
  • Gastric
  • Acidity

I am sure and you will agree that if you are facing trouble while pooping then, the reason is wrong posture to poop. We have added comfort in the name of modernization and being more civilized we use modern toilets. But if we can use right posture to poop then we can avoid many health related problems.

What Is Theory Behind Pooping Posture?

The right bending position that we need to adopt while pooping is called as anorectic angle. While trying to poop with a position of 90 degree (the sitting posture) the waste is blocked inside and it is the root of all problems. On the other hand, when we follow right way to poop i.e. squatting, the defecation becomes normal and easier. The complete elimination of body waste is only possible when we are in Squatting position. Research done by scientists say that Squatting is one and only position that helps for complete elimination of body waste.


Is There Any Solution Of This Problem?

Now, we need an alternative solution that can help us to be in perfect position while pooping so, one can eliminate completely without straining the body and not bothered to come out of our comfort zone of using western toilets.

ToilyTool is a toilet stool (not a normal stool but specially designed) to gain squatting position while you are using western toilet. ToilyTool is introduced by FirstDesign that helps to get desired posture when using a western commode.

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