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Benefits of Using ToilyTool



Features Of The ToilyTool You Need To KnowToilyTool which is designed to provide the right posture of pooping even when you are using western commode offers multiple health benefits. Without adopting the right position to poop, you may face old diseases repeatedly.

ToilyTool is the only alternative you should have to gain Squatting posture for pooping. ToilyTool is been created after much research and designed thoughtfully to give maximum comfort. To understand the various design aspects and features of ToilyTool please read following:


  • Easy To Tuck: The shape is such that ToilyTool gets under any commode. One size fits all the commodes. The “pull and push” technique of the product is easy to use.
  • Anti-slip Grooves: Rubber grooves in the shape of feet at the right place has been given to place the feet as it reduces the chances to slip from the tool. For any age group, there is no risk of stumbling upon.
  • Gap between the Legs: The shape of ToilyTool is to provide required gap between the legs and feet while using it with western toilets to easily attain squatting position.
  • Inclination or Slope: The slope of ToilyTool is slightly angled, makes you comfortable while squatting. Slope provides strain free ankles and ankles can be placed up or down to suit your comfort level, so it further offers another level of being comfortable while pooping.
  • One For All:Whether it is for your parents, your kids or for you, the same tool can be used for all. You can keep ToilyTool in every toilet of your home. Because it can be used for all ages.
  • Anti-skid Grip:The rubber grips at the lower part of the ToilyTool are helpful to establish firmness of the tool on the surface. And there will be no noise while pushing or pulling it from under the commode. Moreover, you will not slip even if the floor is wet.
  • Strong and Durable: It not only looks good when kept in the toilet it also is very strong and durable. As it is not made out of ordinary plastic. Research has gone into getting the right alloy, so that it is unbreakable while in use.


Benefits are plenty with ToilyTool

To have a healthy and happy life, it is vital to clean the body not only from outside but from inside as well. All the waste from our body should be eliminated in time and at one go. Unfortunately, this is not possible while using western style of pooping. So we designed ToilyTool to offer you ease of gaining right posture while sitting in the loo.

Without capturing any extra space of your toilet, ToilyTool will fit properly under any western commode. Most important benefit of using ToilyTool is to get the correct posture of pooping. Apart from it some of other benefits you can get after buying and using ToilyTool are:

  • Use Your toilet without ALTERATION : Without doing any changes in your western toilet, you can get perfect pooping posture with ToilyTool. Once you will start pooping in right way, you can avoid the problems like constipation, acidity, gastric concerns and much more.
  • Elimination With Relaxation : Once you will get right squatting posture to poop, the colon will be relaxed. The colon kink is responsible to maintain the continuity. It is really necessary to maintain squatting posture while you sit on the commode because; it offers proper alignment for colon & peristalsis. However, proper alignment of colon is required to avoid emergence of uninvited diseases.
  • Removal Of Pressure From Anorectal Angle: Due to unnecessary pressurizing to eliminate, men and women both can face annoying pelvic floor concerns. To avoid such routine acts, ToilyTool provides you the right posture while sitting in washroom.
  • Avoid Other Colon Disorders:Other benefits of using ToilyTool include the power to put your health back on track. The simple science behind it is when you eliminate completely and in time then, you can have healthy life that will be without any diseases like constipation, colon disorder, colon cancer etc.
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