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Privacy Policy

We at ToilyTool, give maximum preference to customers’ trust on us. The intent behind coming up with a privacy policy for our customers; is an endeavor from our part to make sure our customers feel secured availing our service. It is our obligation to keep personal information of customers, secured. With this privacy policy, we believe that you agree and give consent to all the policies and terms and conditions set by us under no compulsion.

Note: Our Company’s privacy policy is subject to change and complies with any new statutory and legal provisions. However, all our users need to pay particular attention to the fact that; these changes will be taken without placing any prior notice to our customers’. You must therefore read and review our privacy policy to check the changes if any on prospective basis, before proceeding to submit any details with us.

To get a better understanding of Our Privacy Policy’s Regulations; kindly read through the details mentioned underneath:

This privacy policy pertains to terms and conditions related to the use of the product and give consent to disclosing your personal information in accordance with the set fields mentioned. The mandatory personal details you need to disclose us are- full name, company name, your town or city, your state/ country, postcode/zip, IP address, e-mail address and phone number required for purchase of our product/service and also in relation to billing details.

Usage of Personal Details and other information

Before placing your order for our product on the site, enlisted are specified fields wherein you need to carefully fill your personal details. These details are carefully collected, preserved and utilized for processing product purchase on the site or for any future claims against the purchase. We just include details related to your identity and location that we believe is mandatory and relevant to log in our site for specialized activity such as product order. We do not insist you to fill in any financial details such as debit/ credit and bank account details to us.

Apart from billing process, these details are used for the purpose to keep you informed on the product delivery status. Besides, we need to disclose your name and address to third party service provider (courier or supplier) for the delivery purpose of the product.

Personal information which you need to submit to us comes in action only when you wish to access a free account with us and at times of processing specialized activities. To browse in other sections of our website, you do not require following registration process.

We make use of your personal details in the following areas

  1. To help you facilitate special activities on our website
  2. To respond back to your enquiries
  3. To inform and keep you updated with the latest offers, for product information and services
  4. To send you complete information related to our website, changes undertaken in the website, terms and conditions, company policies and others
  5. To inform with valuable research based information of the product which we think may be of your interest
  6. To personalize your experience on our website
  7. To address your queries related to the website such as technical problems related to utility of our website
  8. For purchase of any product made by you on our website, we communicate with you using your personal details
  9. For in depth administration of our website and also to comply with the judicial process levied by various law enforcing bodies

Induction of your personal information helps us enhance our product and service standards that you request us. We identify you with your IP address and from it your demographic information are extracted. Your IP address is used to identify any problems with our server and also for the administration of our website.

Use of Cookies and other links

Cookies are small files that identify your computer from our server. You will be marked as a unique user who visits all the pages of our site which will be stored by your internet browser on your hard drive. We and other third party vendors such as Google ads do leave behind cookies; this in turn tracks your IP address when you log in or wish to enter our website. Our purpose to use cookies in the website is to make your access in our website convenient and also for enhancing our quality standards of the website. With the help of our cookies, you no more require to re-enter your mail address. At times, your details tracked by cookies may be utilized for targeted advertising purposes as well.

Note: We do not hold any responsibility to applicability of your personal details by third party vendors.

Any linking of our website to other site may include storing of your personal identifiable data. These data are utilized for marketing purpose that may be of your interest. Third party vendors who operate cookies from our site may send advertising content on your browser. Such acts are mainly to measure your interest level and behavior pattern to such advertisements for personalizing advertising content.

We hold no accountability or control to such action performed by other links of third party vendors as they belong to a separate entity having different set of rules and company regulations than our company follow.

Security of Personal data

Our website abides by exacting security measures to protect all the personal details mentioned by you on our website. We do not encourage to any unauthorized access or disclosure of your personal information. Our endeavor is to provide you with a secure server so that you do not get offended with any untoward negligence from our side.

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