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How to Use



Without having a hole in your pocket, if you want a solution to attain right posture of pooping then, ToilyTool is the only alternative that gives you proper posture for squatting & fits under any type of commode without making any changes in your toilet.

Durable, easy to clean, well suited and eco-friendly ToilyTool helps you to achieve what you want without compromising your comfort. If you want to transform your toilet into a stress-free elimination platform then, this product is only for you.

Once you have installed the ToilyTool in your toilet, then following are the steps to make your life easier.

  1. Sit on the existing western commode
  2. Pull out the ToilyTool and place your feet on it
  3. Once you are done push back the ToilyTool under the commode
  4. Now place the feet on the floor and get going happily.

ToilyTool is simple and easy to use. It helps to achieve appropriate posture of pooping without any alteration in your toilets. To enjoy the benefits of right way of elimination, you need to buy the ToilyTool as soon as possible.

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