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toily tool
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Revolutionary potty stool – ToilyTool by FirstDesign has launched as an alternative solution to achieve squatting position instead of sitting while using modern toilet.The product is durable and made by alloy. It makes the product durable. Again it is easy to clean. This tool works amazingly for people of all ages.

Who want to use simple things to improve the lifestyle with great effects would like to opt it. The style with comfort to take advantages of squatting comes with potty stool. Without alerting the design of your modern washroom, you can enjoy the benefits of ToilyTool.

Height:- 8 Inches Approx.
Width:- 21 Inches Approx.
Breadth:- 13 Inches Approx


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  It is based on “pull & push” technique and offers frequent usage

  It is made by alloy and plastic to reduce the chances of breakage

  It has dotted grip alongside slops to avoid slippery situations

  It has anti skid rubber pads at the bottom to make perfect grip with surface

  It is built in a manner to obtain prefect gap between legs

  It is designed to last so feet will be shaped in it properly


  1. Kanchan Kumari


    In the beginning, I believed your headline was misleading, but you really delivered. Nice job.

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