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Its simple and its science
Introducing ToilyTool

To redefine the idea of pooping without making you leave your comfort zone, we at FirstDesign created ToilyTool. The tool that offers healthy and natural posture to make the pooping experience better and easier is named as ToilyTool.
We care about you and your health as we know all of us are experiencing annoying concerns,reason for which is, following a wrong way to poop. We thought about it and designed an affordable and attractive alternative to get squatting position while using your existing western commode.
Once the ToilyTool came into its present shape, we tested it personally and felt the difference. It makes your bathroom experience better without taking any extra space. ToilyTool is helpful to avoid most of the diseases we face due to inadequate elimination of waste from our body all the time, like Constipation, acidity, piles etc.

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Squatting is just awesome. Here's why!
Evacuating our bowels is an unvarying daily act. Sadly, our lack of care and attention towards it has spiraled into a myriad of health problems for us. So, what's wrong? Well, everything. The western toilet requires us to sit to defecate instead of the maintaining the natural posture of squatting. And that's when problems arise.

The squatting angle achieved with the ToilyTool helps relieve straining, and allows the digestive system to align for better, healthier results.
Mr.Rahul, Delhi,India

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